Students of the RLA of the Russian Ministry for Justice at the match Dinamo- Napoli

On March 19 students of the RLA of the Russian Ministry for Justice went to see the 1/8 Europa League match between FC Dinamo(Moscow) and FC Napoli(Neapol). No wonder the atmosphere was madding as it was a decisive game in the Serie between Dinamo and Napoli.

What's more, the score of the first match in Italy was 3:1 in favor of Neapolitans. And the Dinamo-players were eager to gain revenge. The atmosphere at the "Himki" stadium was truly football -powered. Over 18,000 people were present at the match! Everybody anticipated " a battle" in the field. The referee made the call to begin. The Dinamo- players were very active in the beginning creating one tense moment after another at the rival's gate. Dinamo's players scored twice at the 18th and 21st minutes- Samba was the first and Kokorin followed him, but the referee ruled offside and didn't count the goals. The Dinamo players kept charging but the score remained the same to the end. The result of the match was 0-0.FC Dinamo ends its participation in the Europa League. The viewers were a bit upset with the score but on the whole, they were pleased with the game and the atmosphere at the match. They are thankful to the leadership of the Academy for the opportunity to see the match.