Visit of a delegation from the Shanghai University of Politics and Law (China)

October 6, 2017 the All-Russian  State University of Justice was attended by a delegation from the Shanghai University of Politics and Law( SUPL) with the following membership:

  • Vu Tsian ,a vice-president of the University;
  • Tszian Siuang, a deputy director of the department of cooperation at the Center of International Legal Education and Cooperation for the SCO;  
  • Lu Vayvay, a deputy director of a propaganda department;
  • Tan Saioun, the director of a physical training department;
  • Gau Ushen, the director of a security department.

At the meeting the All-Russian  State University of Justice  was represented by:

  • Gureev Vladimir Aleksandrovich- head of the subdepartment of civil procedure and management of court bailiff service, Doctor in law,  Associate Professor;
  • Ilushina Marina Nicolaevna - head of the subdepartment of civil and business law, Doctor in law, Professor , an Honored Jurist of the Russian Federation;
  • Hevsakov Vladimir Vladimirovich- the dean of the legal department, PhD in law, , Associate Professor;
  • Shabarshova Oksana Anatolievna- head of the department of international relations.

The aim of the visit: presentation of the Chinese University-partner ( a historical perspective, its  current structure and size, international activities) and holding talks on possible cooperation.

 The Shanghai University of Politics and Law was set up in 1984.  The SUPL consists of 12 institutes as well as departments of  post-graduate courses, sport, pre-entry courses, a center of modern education technologies  and other academic divisions. At present 12,000 students are trained at the University. Since 2013 the SUPL has been training foreign students. The Shanghai University of Politics and Law adheres to the strategy of internationationalization  based on cooperation with international organizations  including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ( the SCO) .

The University maintains relations with Universities in Russia ( Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov and St. Petersburg State University) , the USA,  France, Japan and other countries.

A possibility of concluding an agreement on cooperation between the ARSUJ (RLA of the Russian Ministry of Justice) and the SUPL as well as a plan of joint events in 2018  were  discussed during the meeting.