Constitutional law in Russia and Viet Nam was discussed in St. Petersburg

In may 2016, during a visit of the delegation from Hanoi Law University to the ARSUJ (RPA of the  Russian Ministry of Justice ) an agreement on cooperation was signed and a joint event was scheduled.

 The Russian-Vietnamese Conference on the theme: "Some Contemporary Issues  of Constitutional Law in Russia and Vietnam" was held in the  St. Petersburg Institute (branch) of the ARSUJ (RPA of the  Russian Ministry of Justice) on October 9, 2017/

Topical issues of property, security and respect for human rights and citizen's rights, principles of organization and realization of public rights, modern constitutional evolution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the Russian Federation were discussed.

 There were present at the Conference such  honorary guests from the Hanoi Law University as:

  • Tran Quang Huy- Vice-Chancellor of the University;
  • Nguyen Van Ku- the dean of the faculty of civil law;
  • Tran Thi Hien- a deputy dean of the faculty of administrative law;
  • Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan-a deputy dean of the faculty of international law;
  • Tran Thanh Phuong- the dean of the faculty of  training  officials for   enforcement of judicial decisions on civil cases  at the Vietnam Law Academy.

 A heated discussion took place among participants of the Conference. A meaningful dialogue provided an opportunity to assess and compare the current state of constitutional law in Russia and Vietnam.